Call Alliance Orthodontics to Get Straighter Teeth

If you want to get straighter teeth, call Alliance Orthodontics for the latest options. Due to advances in orthodontics, we can perfect your smile quickly, easily, and conveniently. The days of painful braces tightening are long gone. Even traditional metal braces have evolved to use smaller brackets, and are more comfortable and attractive.

You may wish to get straighter teeth due to one or more common problems like protrusions, crowding, or spacing issues. The condition of your teeth will determine which orthodontic treatment is right for you.

There are several ways to straighten teeth. At Alliance Dental we use:

  • Metal braces to get straighter teeth
  • Ceramic braces to get straighter teeth
  • Invisalign to get straighter teeth

Invisalign, in particular, has become an increasingly popular way for adults to get straighter teeth. Invisalign is different from metal and ceramic braces because it moves your teeth through the use of clear, removable aligners. It’s a comfortable, convenient alternative to traditional braces.

Yet depending on your condition, Invisalign may not be the way to get straighter teeth. If this is the case, your orthodontist may recommend ceramic braces, which are made from clear material. Ceramic braces are made from a clear material and are less visible on your teeth. They are also popular among adults. Teens tend to prefer the colorful brackets available for traditional braces.

No matter your bite, Alliance Orthodontics knows how to help you get straighter teeth. Using the latest technology, we will help you achieve an award-winning smile –sooner than you ever thought possible.

To schedule an appointment with Alliance Orthodontics, please call 404-254-0149 or request an appointment online. We have five convenient locations throughout metro Atlanta.