Visit a Leading Atlanta Orthodontist for a Beautiful Smile

Make an appointment with an Atlanta orthodontist at Alliance Orthodontics to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Our Atlanta orthodontist practice has offices throughout the Atlanta area, including:

  • Midtown Atlanta Orthodontist (14th Street)
  • Duluth Atlanta Orthodontist (Satellite Blvd.)
  • Dunwoody  Atlanta Orthodontist (Old Spring House Lane)
  • And more Atlanta orthodontic office locations

Here at Alliance Orthodontics, our Atlanta orthodontist staff can help improve your smile, treating common problems like an overbite, spacing, protrusions or teeth crowding. We offer several types of braces, including the popular treatment,Invisalign, as well as standard metal braces or ceramic braces. Upon determining your condition, your Atlanta orthodontist will discuss which treatment is right for you.

Our Atlanta orthodontist practice treats patients of all ages:

  • An Atlanta orthodontist provides early treatment, and recommends that a child receive his or her first orthodontic screening by age seven.
  • Teens and adolescents can get help from our Atlanta orthodontist staff.
  • An Atlanta orthodontist provides adult treatment for those who want to get braces or fix their smiles later in life.

Each Atlanta orthodontist who is on our staff has years of experience fixing teeth and creating beautiful smiles. At Alliance Orthodontics, we understand that each patient’s orthodontic treatment is different, and we promise to give you the personal attention you deserve. Alliance Orthodontics even offers a variety of financing options if you are concerned about how to pay for your Atlanta orthodontist treatment.

To speak with an Atlanta orthodontist, contact the Alliance Orthodontics office nearest you.